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SYSTRANLinks – continuous updates

We updated SYSTRANLinks today and several times during the past couple of months with various ‘hotfixes’ for managing specific issues encountered by customers:

  • various fixes around https redirections and certificates management for custom serving domains
  • special encoding issues
  • advanced rules management and syntax aware text editor for rules.
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Working with Rules in SYSTRANLinks

One of the most powerful features in SYSTRANLinks has to do with Rules. We hear a lot of questions and inquiries from customers who ask “can we do this…” or “how can SYSTRANLinks do that…?”, and so many times, the answer is as simple and elegant as defining a rule. It could be a rule that affects all pages for a given target language. Continue reading

Go-Live Checklist – part 1: Site Ownership Verification

We have seen how to initially create the localization project. We may have customized the machine translations with our own terminology (User dictionaries), and pre-translated some material in translation memories. We may have replaced some external resources such as images and links with others, specific to each target language. And we may even have defined page-specific rules to prevent translation of detailed content.  This and a lot more is covered in other tutorials and the user guide as well as the videos.

Now it’s time to go live. What are the last and possibly final steps to make the localized websites (which SYSTRANLinks has created and is hosting in the cloud) visible to the entire world, including your future new visitors and customers, but also to the search engine robots?

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TAUS starts the monthly Translation Technology Webinar, featuring SYSTRANLinks

Update (11 July 2013): Watch the video of the showcase here

As part of its free industry services TAUS is launching a monthly Translation Technology Showcase Webinar – on every first Wednesday of the month at 8:00 am Pacific and 5:00 pm Central European Time – open to all users and buyers of translation technology and tools, and simply to anyone who is interested. Continue reading