SYSTRANLinks sponsored GALA webinar – 28 march

28 March 11:00 EDT (16:00 CET)


Update: The recording of the webinar is available –


Join Pierre Bernassau for a demonstration of SYSTRANLinks, an innovative, collaborative and reliable online CMS platform that lets you launch and easily manage localization projects.

Nowadays businesses of any size recognize the value of being able to talk to multinational audiences in their own languages. The challenge is to create geo-friendly Web content that can penetrate new markets, surpass customer expectations and enhance the value of the brand it represents.

SYSTRANLinks is an online service which makes website translation faster, easier and more cost-effective than classical solutions. SYSTRANLinks offers an innovative, collaborative and reliable online CMS platform that lets launch and manage easily localization projects all from an intuitive centralized base. 

In this session, attendees will see a product demo of SYSTRANLinks and case studies, showing them how in just a few clicks, they can reproduce, pre-translates and hosts multilingual websites.

The webinar will cover:

  • Quick introduction to SYSTRAN
  • Getting in a few clicks a pre-translated version of a website with SYSTRAN MT
  • Post-editing and reviewing work in context through intelligent tools
  • Engaging and managing translators through collaborative and project management tools
  • Leveraging linguistic resources to improve quality
  • Presentation of case studies


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