SYSTRANLinks 2.0.3 released

SYSTRANLinks has been upgraded today to the 2.0.3 version which contains new features and bug fixes.

New features:

  • Wordcount improvements: Wordcount is now displayed on the Sentences menu and is updated according to the filter. During task creation, Wordcount is now calculated for each one of the statuses (No Translation, Machine Translation, TM Exact Match, Edited)
  • Search and filter in the URL field for Pages and Images&Links menus
  • Multi selection enhanced in the Pages menu, for quicker task creation
  • New rule for the translation of a given page: user can now redirect to a specific URL for the translated version, or replace the page by an uploaded file (for instance a PDF or even an html file)

Check out the Tips category for detailed explanations on these new features…

Other Improvements:

  • Fixed filter on Suggestion column in the Sentences menu 
  • Sentence history tab now only contains selected language modifications
  • In Tasks, progress bar value calculation improvements
  • Fixed option ‘Automatically adapt navigation language using browser user’s preference’
  • TM counter now correctly updated in Pages
  • Translation Contributors – set Task list as the default page when entering a site
  • Task list: when entering a task, target language is now properly set, whatever the language selected before
  • Save Edits optimizations in Browse & edit popup
  • Handling of 303,307 and 311 codes (redirections of source domain)
  • Performance improvements 
  • Language selector was not visible in IE for specific websites
  • Can now invite a contributor to an unassigned task
  • Deleted rules now not applied
  • Now changes LANG code of translated pages
  • Sentences number default limit has been set to 10,000 during task creation